Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fusion Cuisine

One day my friend, perhaps due to utter frustration on the "lack of proper cheese in this country", complained that he misses his Camembert and Roquefort (and Gruyere ad infinitum) badly. Hoping to change his somber mood, I dragged him to the local deli. The mere sight of chedarella sent chills to his spine. "Que horror! What a crime! Such inhumanity!" Hmm. Okay so maybe I was a little ignorant on how serious they are when it comes to their dairy produce.

Then came a eureka moment - Kesong puti! Now why did I not think of that before?

And so after a quick trip to the neighborhood bakery to get his baguette (but of course!) to pair up with the cheese, he finally found himself grinning from ear to ear. "But its like bûche de chèvre! Delightful!"

They say that you can take a French from France but not France from a French.


kasie said...

aww, such a cute story. i've never tried kesong puti. where's it from?

bass tea said...

your friend is funny. at least he liked our local cheese :)

Layrayski said...

Haha what an awesome story and a happy ending too! You're a member of DPB, I see, Hehe my bad. I'm new there so I thought there were only manila and cavite who are members coming from the Philippines.

I'd love to try kesong puti.

Joy said...

The French do know their cheese! I wonder if your friend misses scrambled eggs only the French can make them.

Looking forward to visiting your site more often!

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