Monday, September 8, 2008


Sixty seven years after the cornerstone of the Quezon Memorial Circle was first laid, the first underpath was constructed from the park to the city hall. It was named after the current mayor, Feliciano Belmonte, Jr.


When I took this photo, there were very few people down there. Maybe its the lack of sufficient lighting that scares them off. Or maybe, they'd still prefer the thrill that is brought to them when they run for their lives when crossing the main highway. Admit it or not, Pinoys are not exactly popular on following traffic and pedestrian rules. Its a Monday and I hope you all stay safe on the road.


Anonymous said...

nyah. i didn't even know that there was one. LOL. interesting photo as usual. keep 'em going, Ann!


D.C. Confidential said...

Excellent photo! I'd walk through here if it meant avoiding bad traffic.

Hilda said...

Naman, 'no. Gaano kadami ba ang pupunta sa QMC mula sa City Hall? Weekends lang siguro medyo may tao diyan. :P

babooshka said...

That is a classic black and white shot.

Batang Kyusi said...

haha. you're not alone, don't worry.

d.c. confidential,
i agree with you. i don't really understand why some prefer to live dangerously.

au contraire, the underpass is not just for people coming from QMC to city hall and vice versa. the goal, i beleive, is to lessen the accident rate in the elliptical road area. but, you do have a point. the people of QC would have benefited more if it was place somewhere with heavier traffic. maybe somewhere closer to campuses or markets.

thanks for dropping by.

Hilda said...

Really? Why, where does it go ba? When they were making it (and causing awful traffic!), all I could see was that it lead from city hall to QMC.

Batang Kyusi said...

i believe, its supposed to encourage people (students from the University/ gov't workers from the various offices around the area) to walk more (in this weather?!? - yeah, right...).

Hilda said...

Hahaha! Ako naman, all I could think when they were digging it was "I hope it doesn't flood when the rainy season gets here!" Based on your picture, mukha namang hindi. ;D