Monday, July 21, 2008

The Boy Scout Monument


All along you're wondering "Who the heck are these boy scouts and why do we have streets with their names?" Well, first I think you should mind your manners; second (and as an answer to your question) they were our delegates to the 11th World Jamboree in Marathon, Greece. There were 24 of them - Filipino boy scouts and scout officials. They, unfortunately, died in a plane crash in Bombay, India en route to the jamboree on July 23, 1963. In their memory, the City Council of Quezon City renamed the streets in the Kamuning and Roxas Districts after them on April 24, 1964 . Twenty five years after the tragedy, former President (then Chief Scout) Corazon C. Aquino declared July 28 of every year as Scout Memorial Day honoring not only the ill-fated Jamboree heroes but all the other Scouts and Scouters who died on the line of duty.

With just a week left, the monument workers have serious work to finish. I am posting this photo both as a tribute to the scouts but also as a little reminder that the construction people need to hurry up.
The boy scouts who died in the plane crash: from the Manila BS Council: Ramon V. Albano, Henry Chuatoco, Jose Antonio Delgado, Pedro Gandia, Wilfredo Santiago and Ascario Tuason, Jr. From the Quezon City BS Council: Roberto Castro, Romeo R. Rallos and Rogelio Ybardolaza. Felix Fuentebella, Jr., represented both the Manila and Goa, Camarines Sur BS Councils. The rest of the scouts: Victor de Guia, Jr. (Baguio City), Antonio Limbaga (Zamboanga City), Roberto Lozano (Dagupan City), Paulo MadriƱan (Pasay City), Jose Fermin Magbanua (Negros Oriental), Filamor Reyes and Antonio Torillo (Cavite) and Benecio Tobias (Tarlac). Visit their website for more information.


sher said...

night shot. lovely. your skills have greatly improved. congratulations.

Anonymous said...

interesting vantage you took there. keep going :)

chresan jazper said...

what an interesting story. i like your blog because it not only has EXCELLENT photos, but remarkable texts too. highly informative

yoda said...

beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

magnificent night shot

Kelly said...

A very lovely tribute! You chose a great angel for this photo!

Regarding the black and white garden - it was so bright that the colors were pretty washed out. I just looked better this way ; ) It wasn't one of my favorites to begin with, but all I had today!

Anonymous said...

I think your city did the right thing to rename the street and erect the monument to a group of young men who were representing their country.

I enjoyed the post and read it through. The photo is good too.

Hilda said...

Cool! Ngayon ko lang nalaman yung info na 'yon. And to think that I pass that rotonda a lot (one of my titas lives just a few blocks away). Thanks, Ann!

Interesting angle, btw. You were in the hotel?

magiceye said...

beautiful tribute

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