Saturday, July 19, 2008

On the road

Having to waste your time inside a taxi cab because of traffic is already bad in itself but finding yourself sharing that ride with a highly opinionated driver is even worse. He has so much to say on how to solve the nation's problem, Madame President should really get him as an adviser.

Anyway, this photo was taken while inside the cab. I was secretly hoping that waving my camera would make him shut up. I guess I should wish harder.


sher said...

i have the same symbol in my car. cool... :)

rollie said...

the price of diesel is killing me. its totally insane. and i think i share your sentiments on having to endure that experience with the chatty driver. ahaha...take it easy. no murdering cab drivers, okay. LOL

Hilda said...

Haaay, I know what you mean! Hate chatty drivers too, especially when they're opinionated! Though I've met a few with very interesting stories to tell. Those, I like, and I end up giving them large tips. :)