Saturday, October 11, 2008

And so it is: Adidas King of the Road 2008

Posting this an hour and a half after I crossed the finish line. Yes, I survived :) With a pace of 9:30, I'd say its not bad for someone who's nursing a bad knee.

The event was very much well-attended with over 5, 000 runners from all shapes and sizes proudly donning their race bib and out to test their limit. There were very young sprinters and there were some senior racers. The tough ones joined the 21km race. Weekend warriors like me opted for the tamer 10km. The rest went for the 5km.

Anyway, I took this photo a few minutes just before the race gun was fired. Geez. These men have hairy legs :D


Enjoy your Saturday, people.


Anonymous said...

congratulations dear!

Randy said...

Nice composition.

hadv said...

What were you doing down there? Tying your shoelaces? Hehehe

Ann Pablo said...

thanks for your comment. will visit your site, too.

Ann Pablo said...

uhm. i was spying on the men who were wearing short-shorts. ahaha.