Friday, October 10, 2008


I usually blame my active lifestyle for my insane consumption of everything starchy. Especially now that I have several races to finish this year, it is common to see me glut on bread, noodles and all the carbohydrate staple you can find in the food chain. As I am writing this post, I am halfway through my second bowl of pesto pasta. And yes, its my breakfast.

Tomorrow will be the Adidas King of the Road. I will run and finish it and then dash off to the closest bakeshop and buy myself some bread, just like those cute little pastries in the photo. By the way, those were from Bread Talk - one of my favorite haunts in the baking universe. They serve delightful goodies for all.

Anyway, I wish for a good weather tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll make it to the finish line without passing out. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

huwaw. tatakbo ka sa KOTR? teka, kagagaling mo lang sa hospital di ba? tsk, tsk...pasaway ka talaga, Ann.


glorified said...

ahaha...pan-addict! ako din :D

Hilda said...

Cute! Haven't been near a Bread Talk branch in months and I haven't seen these babies. My husband and I tend to whole grain carbs na — getting old.

Good luck with the run tomorrow! Gaano kahaba?

Ann Pablo said...

my bf and i get our 'healthy bread' at the lung center market. nga pala, the run was 10km long.