Sunday, October 19, 2008

Food Fair

Saturday evening was spent at Eastwood City for QTV's Tara Let's Eat! Food Fair. As expected, there were scrumptious food everywhere with hundreds of buzzing people around wolfing them down in no time. I saw familiar food shops which I've been frequenting since I was in college like Green's Cafe (vegetarian and vegan food)and Friuli Trattoria (classical Italian cuisine). There were also stalls that I'm unfamiliar with like Kublai Rock (Mongolian Restaurant), Tofurrific (soy milk and other soy products), Tsoko.nut Batirol (local tablea chocolates), Delimondo and other cuisines both local and international. I was surprised to see The Artist Chef (Joan Manalang) in the event. She's an art director for a local advertising company, a painter and a cook as well and she does a perfect job of fusing art with good food to create an intimate dining experience in her small but cozy place in Makati.


All in all, I'd say that the event was a success. I think it was nice that admission at the food fair was free and they threw in lots of freebies (an apron, two free bottles of flavored sparkling water, have your photo digitally printed at the YKL booth for free) and a raffle stub for their hourly draw. I was lucky enough to have my number drawn and so I now have a red (!) shawl in my closet:D


babooshka said...

Sounds like such a wondeful evening.

Anonymous said...

ang saya naman. napanood ko commercial nito sa QTV e. sana pala pumunta 'ko. hehe

RCA said...

love this post!