Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Starting early

I took this photo while I was walking along Timog Avenue where some road constructions were being done. The little boy was trying to salvage the plastic pipes from the pile of debris so he can sell it later and buy today's meal.


This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of my pet peeves. Missed chances in childhood are rarely regained later in their lives - childhood is that sole window of opportunity and development. Childhood poverty, even for a brief period of time, can greatly affect how they will live their lives. Studies indicate that poor health and life-long learning difficulties are strongly correlated with malnutrition in early childhood.

It will not come as a surprise if we see some of today's poor children as tomorrow's poor parents. Poverty can be passed on from generation to generation. Addressing childhood poverty is therefore essential for ending poverty and injustice around the world.


Layrayski said...

And he wasn't wearing any slipper.

Or maybe he'll be playing with the plastic tubes... =)

Anonymous said...

sobra naman. kawawa naman sya. :(


Mo said...

A great image

Missy said...

You are right, poverty maybe pass from generation to generation and I am just very fortunate to overcome that.... through perseverance of my parents that in some ways they have fought that battle of hardship and we were able to study and have graduated in college. Poor kid....I pity those kids that never had the chance to see the beauty of life. Nice shot.

looks just like the sun said...

hi ann, i'm linking you in my blog. i hope you don't mind. thanks!

RCA said...

this great!