Monday, October 27, 2008

It's a pet's world after all...

Halloween always bring out the inner child on most people. Now if those people have pets in their keeping, then one can expect a herd of well-garbed animals come this season. Yesterday, PAWS in cooperation with Eastwood City organized a grand Halloween costume party for children and their furry friends. It was a fundraiser which they called "Scaredy Cats and Dogs: Year 4". Proceeds is for the benefit of the PAWS Animal Shelter.

I actually wanted to bring my Patric (a Siamese cat) but we both realized that it will be much better for mankind if I just go by myself while he spoil himself silly in my bed. You know how cats are - you don't realy own them; they own you.

The event was well-attended by cute little tots and their four-legged pets all dressed up and made-up to impress. This photo is of one of the participants. Check out the sign she's holding. I thought it was really cool.



Jilly said...

Lovely photo, not that I like to see dogs dressed up, but hey, this is for an excellent cause and everyone is so happy. I'm all for people adopting dogs from refuges. We don't need to buy puppies. Give a home to a needy dog I say. My last three dogs have been refuge dogs and I'd never buy a pup again.

Really lovely photo. Get the hair on that little doggy!

Ann Pablo said...


Merci pour votre visite sur mon blog. J`ai visite a mon tour votre blog et Menton semble etre une charmante ville.

Anonymous said...

I love this photo. What a generous thing to do. I know the animals will appreciate their new homes.

RCA said...

i like it!