Monday, October 6, 2008

QC Trivia

I know what you're thinking, "That's obviously not taken from Quezon City. That's Taal Volcano for crying out loud!". True. So, what is this image doing in this blog?


Did you know that sometime in 1936, the Department of Public Works and Communications of the Commonwealth government, under Secretary Mariano Jesus Cuenco, suggested Tagaytay to be the seat of the national government?!? At that time, they felt that Manila as a capital was becoming too congested for administrative functions. So they recommended the transfer of the capital from Manila to Tagaytay(!).

Former President Quezon rejected the idea as he thought that Tagaytay, which he referred to as "the city by the ridge", is a place for tourists and vacationists. He felt that it is more of a weekend spot for public officials, businessmen and the middle class.

In the morning of September 27, 1939, the President with some cabinet members and some assemblymen, visited Diliman. There he underscored the “necessity of early approval of the charter of the proposed city in Diliman site.” Later, Assemblyman Ramon P. Mitra (Mountain Province, 2nd district) would father a bill for the new city's creation. In his bill, the city was called Balintawak City.

More trivias to follow. Enjoy your Monday! :D


Petrus said...

It looks like a really beautiful place - great photo.

JM said...

Stunning picture! Where were you?

Ann Pablo said...

thanks for the generous comment. taal is a stunning place. the volcano is the smallest in the world.

Ann Pablo said...
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Ann Pablo said...

i was by the ledge enjoying the early morning glow of the sun with a cup of coffee on hand. the place is called tagaytay and the volcano that is within the lake is called taal. thanks for dropping by :D

Hilda said...

There's another connection. The adobe underneath much of Loyola Heights' ridge was formed from Taal volcano's eruption eons ago. At least, that's what the then-director of the Manila Observatory told us several years ago. :)

Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Grabe batangkyusi! That is a very new learning to me! I never knew Tagaytay was a candidate on being the Capital! wow! Thanks so much for the trivia!


Ann Pablo said...

he might well be right, considering the power of its eruptions.

Ann Pablo said...

hi steven,
i'm glad you enjoyed the little trivia. cheers!