Sunday, October 5, 2008

His Art, Our Heart

Quezon City has very good museums. They may not be as enormous as those found on other parts of the world, but they do provide interesting collections. The other day, I visited the Vargas Museum to look at some of the works of the country's first National Artist, Fernando Cueto Amorsolo (1892-1972). The exhibit, entitled Capturing Anxieties: Amorsolo, His Contemporaries and Pictures of the War, is part of a four month, multi venue exposition of his works collectively called His Art, Our Heart.

I must admit that I only think of paintings of idyllic landscapes (just like the photo I posted here - Rice Planting, 1943, oil on canvas) and portraits whenever his name is mentioned, the Vargas Museum exhibit showased his works depicting the Philippines as a wartorn nation, under the Japanese during the second world war.



Anonymous said...

i just hope that they bring the exhibits to the barrios. i'd love to see amorsolo's works here in mariveles.

Ann Pablo said...

the amorsolo exhibit, unfortunately, won't be going out of the metro. too bad, i know. and just like you, i hope that art becomes more accessible for everyone to appreciate.

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