Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Theme Day: Lines

This photo was taken from the inside of University of the Philippines Ang Bahay ng Alumni. I just like the way the colors of the stained glass provide an attractive and dramatic contrast to the bell tower outside (on the lower left). These colorful windows at the front provide lighting at the assembly hall and main corridors at daytime. At night, they are backlighted by several metal halide lamps making it a beautiful directional sign especially during social affairs.


By the way, its the monthly theme day. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants.


Hope said...

I love the colors!

Hilda said...

I love that window too!

And I take it you've eaten at Chocolate Kiss, right? Don't you just love it? :D

Hyde DP said...

a great choice for the theme

Tanya said...

Great colors!