Thursday, October 16, 2008


The very few times that I take a taxi cab, I almost always end up having a verbal clash with the driver. At the height of the oil crisis mid-2008, the LTFRB had this "brilliant" idea of legalizing the act of some taxi drivers on asking for more money from their passengers especially during rush hour and heavy traffic.


As indicated in the sticker, a passenger needs to pay 10 pesos more on top of what is indicated on the meter to "augment" the cab driver's "suffering" caused by the petrol problem. They are allegedly no longer earning anything because 1) they are stuck on traffic limiting the number of passengers they can pick-up, and 2) the price of gasoline was skyrocketing.

I was okay with the fare add-on at that time. I somehow understand where they're coming from, I think. What I can't fathom is the reason why these stickers are still on display and the drivers are still asking for more when in fact the price of gasoline has dropped. Will these stickers ever be removed? Shall I hold my breath?